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After Christmas Music

Another strange thing that I noticed this year, that I never really noticed prior to this year (just because I didn’t care to pay any attention to it) was that the Christmas music didn’t stop immediately after Christmas.

In fact, I was still hearing Christmas music on Sirius Satellite radio Channel 2 until I believe January 1st. (I might be wrong because Channel 2 is not one of the my presents, it’s just one that I randomly hit sometimes because of the way my buttons are laid out on my steering wheel.)

So this is one of those posts where again I’m looking for comments from the audience… When should the Christmas music stop? If it shouldn’t stop, why is there no Sirius Satellite Radio station dedicated to year round Christmas music (heck, they gave Howard Stern 2 stations). Why is it that people only want to hear this type of music around the holiday season? What about this time of year makes the music sound better than other times of year? AND, most importantly, what exactly does it take to create a Christmas song that people listen to EVERY YEAR? (Like what genius managed to create crazy songs like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer?). Perhaps I should go spend some time on Wikipedia and figure all this stuff out (or at least what the general public believes)