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What I Got For Christmas Part 17 – King Size Bed Sheets

That’s right, this was on my list too. Just a simple set of king size bed sheets.

The surprise came when I opened something else… See I asked for sheets, basically to allow me to postpone having to do laundry for as long as possible. With 3 sets of bedsheets, I can basically postpone having to wash my sheets like 3 weeks (If I change them on a weekly basis). Which is nice.  The surprise however was that my parents were thinking a little bigger than I was when I put this item on my list.

They also got me a king size comforter. This is something that I have been lacking. In fact, I’ve been using the same double size comforter ever since I was like 2…  This includes the last year and a half that I’ve had my wonderful king size bed (by the way, once you go king… there really is no other way to go, except maybe California king, or some custom size.)

In any case, I have fallen in love with this new king size comforter because I no longer find myself running out of blanket when I role over.