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What I Got For Christmas Part 19 – A Camera Battery

Can you tell as I am getting towards then end of this month long campaign that I am getting dangerously low on things to talk about as far as my Christmas is concerned? In any case…

From Amber’s mother, I got a camera battery for my new camera:


Now many of you are probably thinking… That’s such a rather pointless thing to post about… I mean, really? What’s next Justin? Are you going to be posting about the memory card accessory you got as well?

Well before you go on that very rant thinking that Rinsefirst has lost all hope… There is a story behind this gift as well that makes it worth sharing.

Because of the weird calendar this year, my many Christmas parties were spread out over the course of 2 weeks. Amber’s immediate family came first (22nd), followed by Nebraska Christmas (23rd and 24th), then my immediate family on the 28th, followed by my mom’s side on the 29th, and Amber’s mom’s side the 30th.

What’s makes this gift amazing in so many ways is that I got my camera on the 28th from my parents (see my last post). I got the battery 2 days later on the 30th from Amber’s mom. Amber’s mom did not know I would be getting a camera for Christmas, and yes, she had slightly procrastinated my Christmas shopping. But thanks to Amber’s wonderful ability to relay messages about my mood at any given moment, she managed to tell her mom exactly what I wanted most after the 28th… Something I couldn’t even have possibly put on my list.

That said I thought it was one of the best efforts of the year in trying to make my Christmas special… And for that, I am very thankful.