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What I (surprisingly) Didn’t Get For Christmas

Since I ran basically an entire month of things I got for Christmas, I felt I should post the things I didn’t get for Christmas… This is not a post of me thinking “I should have gotten that”. Quite the opposite… I must admit I was insanely surprised to NOT get a lot of these things… namely because I have gotten them every year in the past… And to be 100% honest, I’m very glad I didn’t get them… So here were the big surprises this year:

  • Gift Cards – I got very few gift cards. Normally I rack up a significant amount towards things like Bestbuy. But this year, I managed to only get 3 gift cards. 1 For Kohls from Ashley Radabaugh (she must think I need some ;-)), 1 for subway, and 1 for Chili’s. Needless to say, this was great… The one thing I dislike getting for Christmas is giftcards because well… It’s just so impersonal. There are some situations where I think it’s required (like if your going to buy someone food, or if you know they are saving up for something way outside your price range), but really I think a lot of people buy them as short cuts (and ask for them as short cuts as well).

    So next year, I’m going to again make as detailed a list of possible of things I want for Christmas (big and small), and try to limit my exposure to the overdone gifts that are gift cards.

  • Nintendo Games – Normally every year I rack up close to 50 additional Nintendo games to add to my collection… This year: I got 1. Now given that 1 was a big one… It still rather comes as a shock. I attribute this change to two things. 1) The difficulty level has gone up rather steep this year in being able to find both games I do not own, as well as a place to buy them, and 2) I think the people that normally get me used video games realized I had things on my list that were 1000 times more useful in my everyday life and instead went that route (probably a good thing). Still it came as quite a shock.
  • The Adobe Cs3 Master Collection – You laugh at this one if you know the price. Not only did I not expect to get this for Christmas… I actually put it on my list as a way to remind me that I want to spend some of JR’s money in the near future on upgrading to CS3 (unless CS4 is coming out in the next few months). In any case, this one wasn’t surprising at all… It was more surprising that I even put it on my list.
  • And just for completeness – 2 Super Nintendo Controllers – I put a request for 2 ORIGINAL Super Nintendo controllers on my list. Like the Nintendo games above, I believe they have become harder and harder to find (especially in original form). In any case, this was the only other item on my list that I did not get.

So all in all, Justin has a GREAT Christmas… And with only 2 more posts left in January… I’m just about done writing about it.