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The Last Christmas 2007 Post

So here it is everyone… Justin’s last post on Christmas 2007.

What have we learned in this process? I can think of a few things, that I think might be worth sharing here:

  • 1 or 2 blog posts barely do justice to all the going’s on of this special time of year
  • Themed blog posts seem to provide continuity to the site (at least to me)
  • Justin had a great Christmas (in both a family and friend sense, a giving sense, and a receiving sense)
  • That Justin really can generate 31 straight days of posts on a single topic.

Did you learn anything in this process of Justin’s? Anything you want to share about this process? If yes, post in the comments what you would like to share about this process. Otherwise, I believe I might just be staring yet another themed set of posts in February. Perhaps on love (haha yeah right! What in the world could I possibly write about for that)