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Thats it: Things I will never do (again)…

I feel extremely tired this morning, so I think I will list things I will never do, and perhaps a few reasons why.

I will never…

drink 2 liters of koolaid in a night – Did this last night, I still feel it now.

Date a best friends ex.

Ask someone to marry me while I am not dating them – Yeah, this just does not work.

Start my bedroom floor on fire.

Hide my feelings of affection for someone from someone who wants to know – It just works better when people know.

Forget to go to school with my pants on – You wanna have a interesting afternoon in first grade? Ok, so maybe this was a dream.

Chase after the same girl for more than 2 years – This just seems to end in failure, and when you spend that much time on someone…

Sleep with an ox.

Use the excuse, “I had aliens from mexico check my Spanish homework last night, and then they got deported and took it with them.”

Use this site as a place to destroy relationships.

Take over the world.

Move to mars.

Play with mercury.

Eat (drink) ink… It is just disgusting.

Drink the water in Mexico.

Stick my fingers in the electrical socket.

Date my ex’s best friend.

I figure thats a good list for now considering I have English lit in a few minutes. I wonder how that will go today.