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Blogging To The Money Part 3 – The Blog Name

Coming up with a name is a fine art… One which I don’t believe I’m all that good at…

What I normally do is find some combination of words that allow me to cram things together…For example “Rinse” and “First”, or “Linked” and “Base”. This works for creating a brand fairly well… In this case though, I want it to be somewhat personal (so I’m not branding myself, not a company), and I want it to be something to do with computers and the web…

So I started with theme words like:

  • Internet, network, computer, windows, sites, web
  • Solutions, Answers, Problems, Tricks, Tips
  • Helper, professional, dude, guy, master, administrator

Once that was complete I just started mixing and matching until I found one I liked:

“Websolpro” as in “Web Solutions Provider” or “Web Solutions Professional” (see how I could use it both ways?). So I hopped over to www.GoDaddy.com
and checked to see if websolpro.com was taken. It was (so sadly). So I tried again:


This one, once I got to godaddy, was not taken… So I picked it up using a magic promo code (OYH3) and got it for a cheap 6.95 + the Icann fee… and there we have it… I will now be known throughout the rest of this sites life as the “websolguy”, or the Web Solutions guy… That sounds like me right?

Blogging To The Money Status:

  • Non-Time Cost So Far: $7.15
  • Amount Made: $0.00
  • Net: -$7.15

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  • Richard February 3, 2008, 9:48 am

    Sad… I was gonna recommend Captain Bluelight Special's Computer Consulting Emporium. or CBSCCE.com