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Thank You For Helping Me Test

If you are reading this blog post, then quite simply let me say thank you. Thank you for helping me test a new tool of mine. What tool am I testing you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to scroll down to find out.

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No you’re not helping me test a Lorem Ipsum generator.  You’re not even helping me test type faces or my design. You are in fact helping me test a new tracking tool that I am presently working on to help me test the usability of certain long pages. The principle is this: To know where you are on my page roughly every 10 seconds as well as when you leave my page. In theory this will tell me two pieces of data:

  1. Where you get bored in the page… In theory, this is where you stop reading and leave. Most likely with my blog, that will be at some point at the end of a blog post.
  2. How long it takes you to get over certain parts…  For example, with this post, I expect that you end up scrolling down faster over the lorem ipsum stuff than if you had had something vital to read there. This can be a good test of where people are “glossing over”

I plan on making this code a little more public (although for all I care you can read the source now and play with it if you’d like), but before I do, I want to put together a handful more tools and make sure i get all the fun little errors out of it. I hope this is the first of 3 tools to build over the weekend. So stay tuned.

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  • Richard February 2, 2008, 12:14 am

    I may be blind but I didn't see anything unique in the source.