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A series of successes. One big failure.

Everyone Party!!!! The site went live today at its permant home at http://jrcorps.com/justin. YES! WOOT! NO MORE TEST! WOOT!

You can even now see my day entries in my AIM profile. It is SOOO cool. Yes, life is good. Now I think that because its an hour past when I wanted to go to bed that I will head to bed and sleep, but not first without mentioning what happened today.

So I got home from Lit and Spanish and said, “I am tired”. So I went to bed. I woke up at 7 thinking I was running late for class and darted around the house looking for clothes. I soon discovered it was 7:00pm not AM. I then went on a mission to open this site by 10 tonight with some cool features.

I succeeded in getting the images up while chatting with Sim and Nikki. I then realized I should sleep again, either that or study, so thats what I went and did. And now, thats what I am doing. I am being weird and sleeping.