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Super (Fat) Tuesday

It’s been an interesting day all around… and Television is showing the caucus’s like never before. Goes to show you how important people are thinking politics are now that we’ve had a fairly rough 4 years and votes have been soon close the last 2 elections.

In any case, I’ve been watching the Google Map that has been combined with Twitter… Quite entertaining… I thought I would share some of the twit’s I saw… Why… I don’t know… Maybe I’ll add more if I watch it anymore tonight (but instead, I think I’m going to watch some Stewart/Colbert tonight) (Go Hucolberty!)

  • “My voting sticker was in english, spanish, and chinese. Not sure how I feel about that”.
  • “Someone makes the point that McCain is winning all the states that democrats don’t win in November”
  • “Why are people still voting for Edwards? He quit!”
  • “Romney vs. Paul. 1 apiece”
  • “On the other hand, Obama is making inroads with American-born Hispanics, but those who still speak primarily Spanish are very pro-Clinton.”
  • “It takes 30 years for us to get a president good enough to shoot”
  • “truly beleive that Huckabe (sp ck) is Hillary&Obama’s nightmare. McCain is only trustworhy Romney is a snake…..”
  • “I did hear right. KGO is reporting voter turnout over 70% in some local Bay Area precincts”
  • “going to bed. my brain is full of percentages, delegates and pundits, but no real information.”
  • “as of 11:03 PM EST, there are no results in, so don’t turn to another network and watch their coverage” (John Stewart)

That is all