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24 Canceled?

This can’t be true.

According to headlines on Google News, despite the end of the writers strike, Fox has decided to postpone 24 until January of next year (yes 2009).

Now let’s think what that means…

  1. The technology will be at least a year older… I mean seriously, who would have that model of Dell computers in 2009?
  2. We will have to wait at least 2 whole years to figure out what is exactly all going to happen that might just end the world this year.
  3. We won’t have anything good to watch on Monday nights until 2009.


And their excuse is so lame…. They “committed to airing it for 24 episodes straight” and they “don’t want to air it into summer.” Of course not… So do this Fox… Just air two episodes back to back on Monday nights like every other week… Heck you don’t really have anything else worth watching on Monday nights anyway (or perhaps try Sunday nights, there’s even less to watch then.)

Oh well, I just like to complain.