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It’s over!

Yes, Spanish has ended, and there is no way I failed the class. The final was easy enough that if I dont get at least a C on it something is extremely wrong. Oh this is a good day!

To add to the joys of this story, my Spanish teacher was late for the final. We waited a half hour, called the Spanish department, waited another half hour, and ended up taking the test with another 1022 Spanish class. She ended up arriving an hour and a half later. I missed the reason why, but I do think it matters to her what time she arrives AFTER we fill out the review sheets :-).

I even totalled a complete 12 hours of sleep sense noon yesterday which is just amazing. I haven’t felt this well rested since… Um… hmmm… January 4th? Either way, I still could use a little more, maybe I’ll sleep this afternoon before going on a stalking mission.

What’s that you say? You want to know about my mission to go stalking? Well I won’t tell you because you might be the person im going to stalk, and if you know I am stalking you, what is the fun in that. So I figure I won’t tell you who I am stalking because well, if I did that, you would know, and I would no longer have any fun, thus ruining my mood and causing the blue line to fall to some of its lowest levels yet. That would in turn cause me to take a poor perspective on life and maybe decided that I shouldn’t stalk people because they might find out and call the cops and cause my blue line to drop even farther down. They would also accidently cause my other 3 lines to drop as well because I would be locked up in jail not getting what I wanted. On the upside I would be getting press such as “Justin Stalks Someone, Gets 15 Years to Life in Prison”. Ok, so none of this would happen if I told who I was going to stalk later today because you would all find that I am not actually stalking this person, but had just decided that I wanted to do something with them tonight and thought I would mention it here that I would be doing something with them tonight. Confused yet? Good!

On a last note: If you are reading this in my aim profile, I apologize for the poor formating. I am working on that as we speak and will soon have all the command replaces in place. Please have a nice day.