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Talk about focus

I love days where I wake up and I am simply able to stay focused on the task on hand… And although blogging about it is probably taking away from that focus, I don’t care… It’s Saturday.

For the last 2 weeks, I feel like I’ve been on a slippery slope, barely getting by time wise. My Inbox hit 40 emails (something it hasn’t done for awhile),  I have a to-do list that feels like it’s a mile long. I even missed blogging for close to two weeks. In the last 2 weeks, here’s a brief summary of what all seems to be happening:

  • I have 1 client that has brought 3 websites to the table
  • Joe has had to miss a few work periods due to robotics
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Babysitting
  • A huge set of projects from one of my largest clients
  • 2 Website launches in pending mode
  • Multiple people having multi-hour computer problems
  • Church needing various technology things taken care of for the new youth room
  • Church needing to become independent with their website
  • Ali is here for the weekend
  • Trying to figure out where to go on our honeymoon (I know I said we were going to Disney World, but it seems Amber is no longer happy with that decision)

All in all, the amount of web work has been huge.

In any case, I’m staying fairly focuses today playing catch up. Already got my inbox down to 26… My goal is to be below twenty before I go to bed today, and below 10 before I go to bed on Sunday. Hopefully… All will be good for next week and I can find a little time to relax.