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The Things I learned the last 3 days from a Robotics competition

The FIRST Robotics Competition was this weekend (Thursday thru Saturday). I learned a few things from this that I thought would be worth sharing:

  1. It doesn’t take $1000’s of dollars to get 2000 people to a webpage a day… All it takes is something that 2000 people really want… Like a webcast of a live event where lots of the viewers are hundreds of miles away because the team was all that traveled.
  2. 2000 visitors per day is a lot of video bandwidth when streaming live. By a lot, I mean more than I would have ever imagined.
  3. People don’t get mad at you if it isn’t working if they have no way to contact you.
  4. It’s never to late to monetize a webpage that is getting 2000 visitors per day… (see:$5.00 in 5 hours doing absolutely nothing, yes I know, we aren’t rolling in it… but thats pretty dang good)
  5. It’s never to late to take advantage of Google’s search algorithm… Namely, the fact that 100’s of quick “high quality” links come in if you have something (aka, a live webcast) to promote. Just make sure you have the keywords where you need them.
  6. If your in high school/college, you should take part in as many team activities as possible… for they just don’t exist when your an adult.
  7. You can never have to much bandwidth.

I’m sure I learned something else too… Hmm… guess I’ll have to think harder.

Good Job Team 2175 (aka the Fighting Calculators)… Can’t wait til next year!