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In Justin’s Country

As I work on the bylaws for my own country… I have decided that although I will be the figurehead monarch with ultimate veto power… That I would like to have a legislature elected by the people that decided what actually is brought before me… Although this may ultimately result in my untimely demise when I veto something the people really want, I figure, it’s probably best that way for everyone.

But in any case I have also decided after reading an article on Engadget, that my election process would be as close to American Idol as possible. Here’s how it would work:

  • Candidates would serve 4 year terms, with 1/4th getting elected every year. No one gets re-elected (bad for tv), but may be appointed to 1 of 4 lifetime positions by me if they look good on TV.
  • The election process would be in the form of reality TV, with events like those seen on the apprentice as well as some good ol’ fashioned debates.
  • I, as the king, would decide the judges… Of whom, most likely, would include me.
  • Voting would be the same… Everyone would have unlimited votes… A single candidate would be eliminated after each week. But you only have an hour to call in or text message… Normal text messaging rates apply, and since we would have government-run telecom, I figure this would help to lower taxes. I figure that if someone wanted to “buy” the election, they could, but I don’t really care.

In case my own country doesn’t work out, I’m planning a 2011 television series that will work the same way, except at the end of it, the candidate get’s the parties nomination…  I think the party party will support me in this.