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I Didn’t Enjoy My Monday… Or Did I?

Today, was one of those days.

I like my job. I really do. I like my life. I like how things are moving. I don’t like it when my phone rings non stop all day. Lets use my phone log to talk about my day:

  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 7:00 AM 3 Minute – Call to MSA about a folder that needed to be picked up before school started to make sure students didn’t get there hands on it.
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 9:17 AM 94 Minutes – Phone call to start the day talking about policy and upcoming meeting.
  • 4/28/08 BLAINE, MN 10:51 AM 2 Minutes – Call to Joe to let him know it was ok to Work
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 11:00 AM 53 Minutes – Phone Conference with Client
  • 4/28/08 WASHINGTON, DC 11:59 PM 1 Minute – Left Message for Client about website
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 12:05 PM 30 Minutes – Phone call with client I left message for about there website.
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 12:46 PM 2 Minutes – Call with client about a bug (brief)
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 12:51 PM 2 Minutes – Call to Amber not sure about what… Most likely about housing stuff.
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 1:37 PM 1 Minute – Call to Amber (No Answer)
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 1:38 PM 2 Minutes – Call from Amber to make sure I talked to the Banker.
  • 4/28/08 BLAINE, MN 1:52 PM 3 Minutes – Call to MSA to get my first question answered about tomorrows testing
  • 4/28/08 BLAINE, MN 1:56 PM 3 Minutes – Call to MSA to get a question answered about tomorrows testing
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 2:04 PM 3 Minutes -Phone Call with banker to give him the OK to talk to our real estate agent.
  • 4/28/08 BLAINE, MN 2:07 PM 2 Minutes – Returning MSA’s call about email.
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 2:08 PM 3 Minutes – returning Ambers call about the banker
  • 4/28/08 VM Retrieval 2:11 PM 2 Minutes – Voicemail Check… Blah
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 2:12 PM 17 Minutes – Phone call with WLC to help setup email
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 2:35 PM 1 Minute – Stupid solicator I told 6 months ago never to call me back.
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 2:46 PM 9 Minutes – Real Estate Agent
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 2:59 PM 33 Minutes – Client Phone Conference
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 3:42 PM 2 Minutes – Me Calling Real Estate Agent to find out if house was in fact still for sale (left a message)
  • 4/28/08 ST PAUL, MN 4:30 PM 3 Minutes – Client call about opening a Google Checkout Account (which I was doing at the time)
  • 4/28/08 INCOMING 4:39 PM 4 Minutes – Last call of the day of sorts from Amber… Just letting me know when I had to go look at the house we put an offer in on.

So yeah… my phone did not stop ringing… Over 2 hours (probably pushing 3 or 4 of talk time, with over 20 phone calls). The evening was much better though… In fact, if you caught on to the gist of what some of the phone calls were about… You might have guess what happened…

Amber and I put in an offer on a home!

It’s a townhome in Woodbury, very close to MSA, Church, City Center, etc. I would give you more details, but I have decided not to get my hopes up until the offer is accepted. More on it to come in the coming days.

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  • John April 29, 2008, 1:36 pm

    Congrats man. It's fun knowing that many of us are looking for places to live. Best to luck and I promise not to call…. too many times 😉

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