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I am Ironman

With the upcoming release of Ironman in theaters, I decided to set myself a poker goal for the month of April.

That goal was to become at least 1 of the 3 forms of Ironman on Full Tilt Poker. Ironman at full tilt either means, playing a certain amount of money a lot of days a month, playing every single day a month, or playing above and beyond on fewer days (but still playing a lot of days).

Given that I work with a relatively small bank roll, I decided the best goal for myself was to shoot for playing every day. And what would you know… I made it:

I am Ironman Full Tilt Poker Style

So now I get to play in a freeroll which I don’t know when it starts (I’ll figure that out here shortly). In any case… It’s quite an accomplishment to know that I sat down to this computer every day for the last month… if only for a minute or two to play poker.

Another Great Poker Moment this month… I got to sit at a table with Scott Fischman (A Pro), while I actually had chips… Not to shabby. Better part was I was already in the money so I didn’t mind it when I got beat a few hands after break by another guy’s lucky river draw.

I have no idea if I will set any real poker goals in May, nor do I think I will have the time to try to achieve this again.. Now that the offer we put in yesterday was accepted, I’m sure I’m going to be finding and filling out tons and tons of paperwork… Not to mention all the arguments about where the TV should go. Here’s to May!