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Fantasy Poker!?

So here’s what’s up for ya’ll today. As I’m sure everyone knows, the Nascar all-star race was this weekend. This is a non-points race that takes place somewhat towards the middle of the season (not exactly the middle, but non the less). That said, I felt it was time for a fantasy league updates. So far, the stats are as follows:

Rank Team Coach Win Loss Streak Total
1 Team Awsome Benson, Richard 9 2 W4 6,715
3 NikKnackTracks Lyman, Nikki 8 3 W3 5,962
2 BananaMonkey Radabaugh, Amber 7 4 L1 6,323
6 Blueshallow Clappier, John 6 5 W1 5,431
4 JR Motor Sports Gehring, Justin 6 5 W1 5,937
5 FedEx Express Adair, David 4 7 L3 5,512
7 Roadrunners Goering, R 4 7 L1 5,192
8 Kellicotti Rosenberg, Kellie 0 11 L11 4,079

So that puts Sir Benson in the lead, and me… well somewhere in the middle… I want to change players to try to turn my season around… Who knows, it just might work. John… you might want to help your girl’s team out as well… We need her to hand Richard some losses.

All that said, A new fantasy season is starting for me… Fantasy Poker! That’s right, I’ve setup a league somewhere for a free fantasy poker league which allows you to build a team of 15 poker players for the 40-some events this year. I’m looking for players, so if you want to be one, drop me an email and I’ll send you the details on how to join the league. I would post them here, but the last time I did, we got some random people joining the league. I believe this one is open to any number of people, so just drop me a line (heck if I have your email address, just post a comment!)

P.S. I’ll have the RSS feed fixed here soon.

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  • Richard May 19, 2008, 4:36 pm

    None shall remove me from the top. It is the way things must be; it is my destiny.

  • John May 21, 2008, 9:35 am

    Poor Kellie 🙁