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Chinese Fish Food

Woke up after a nice long sleep and then went as fast as I could to a pool party at Nikki‘s. We swam for about an hour and then headed out to get Chinese food. That must be the first time I have had Chinese in about 2 years. It was good, we had some sort of fun, and I recieved a fortune cookie that I wanted to scan, but failed to bring it home.

After that we attended the Pet store. I saw some nice fish, which almost motivated me to come home and set up the aquarium again so that we could all live in peace once again with our simple fishlike creatures. I then changed my mind when I realized I had a hard time remembering my homework, let along remembering to feed the fish.

Rob and Beth seem to be making some kind of progress. He might be coming up next weekend to say “hi” to all of us. He might even stay with me if my parents go for it.

Sim and I will probably go wake boarding tommorow along with Chris and David and whoever else wants to join us. This is going to be embarassing because well.. I can’t wake up… No I dont mean “wake up” as in get out of bed *although I do have a problem with that*. I mean I can’t yet get up on a wakeboard. Maybe the motivation of being embarassed in front of some of my friends might be what it takes to get me up.

Of course there is whatever will happen later tonight. I am not sure what I am going to do but I am sure I will come up with something. I am also debating what will come next for this site or if I will just update it daily as opposed to adding anymore code.

Aim should be working for all users now who want to read it there as opposed to here. There was a small bug with spaces so I just removed it.

Well, my research must start again. I must find what I am looking for by a certain time tonight so that I know what I should grab. All will go good, I know it.

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