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Congrats Class of 2008

I attended MSA’s graduation ceremony tonight. I have to admit, not to much has changed since my own (which was 5 years ago now for those of you counting). Time does fly.

Looking back now, it’s hard not to reminence about all the great times I had there as a student… MSA truly is a special place.. There are very few schools I believe that create as much community as that one… We’re an odd bunch, and we love each other more for it.

It’s rough though. This was what I believe may have been the last great class at MSA. Sure, eventually the other classes may live up to them… but I don’t know… There was something about the bunches of kids that attened the first, second, and third years of MSA that seemed special. The Bartz’s and Joe will be very very difficult to replace, and probably never will be…

But alas, I am not good with writing like this… so instead… I will post another pointless youtube video… This one I did… and is really just yet another test of something…

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  • David June 6, 2008, 4:13 pm

    Hey Justin,

    I found your blog while looking for an RSVP plugin for a Wordpress site. My sister is getting married and she was looking for the same type of functionality. I’ve been doing the site for her, but needed a little help with that one aspect. I could use a general contact form and have it e-mail someone, but I thought exactly what you described on your wedding site was perfect.

    Is there any way you could share the plugin? Have you worked more on it? Please let me know!