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Say What? Is that what they said?

I spend way to much time in the marketing industry. Afterall, the goal of most of the websites I build are designed to market a business of some sort.

Well today, for the first time in awhile, I had the radio on. Jack FM (104.1) to be exact.

What I was suprirsed at was how 3 or 4 commercials got my brain to pull away from the monitor. To be honest, most of the time, the commercials were just playing the background… I wasn’t even paying attention.

But there were at least 3 today that got me to go “Is that what they really said”. For example:

There was a McDonalds Commercial that said something like, “American’s built this nation on <something>. American’s gave <blah blah, I wasn’t listening close enough>. And Americans invented the McDonald’s Chicken Sandwitch.” it was one of those things where my brain was listening just enough to know that the last thing didn’t fit, and my attention got pulled.

There was another one where an ad said “it was included in the vip gift bags at the Sundance film festival”. Why did that pull my brain? Because I’m pretty sure (not 100%) that this was an ad for some sort of facial medicine… My brain thought, why would I care if the people at Sundance got this drug in their gift basket? It made no sense, and sure enough my brain turned to listen  (although in this case, I missed the brand, so it still didn’t do the trick).

It makes me want to run an Ad tomorrow that completely doesn’t make sense… Or at least contains things that dont make sense… Just to see how many heads it turns at the work place… Did he really say what I thought he said?

In any case, I have to admit, I like working the with radio on now.

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  • PK June 23, 2008, 11:18 am

    dude, when are you going to update?

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