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I am sitting in my car tonight thinking about a few things. What if cars could do what you wanted them to do. I mean I was sitting there with the windows open, thinking the car should have what I wanted it to have. What did I want it to have? Window screens. Why did I want window screens? So I could have my windows open without the mosquitos getting in.

Now the real question here is why did I want my windows open? Well the idea was I wanted to stay cool relative to the temperature in my car. So we logically think this one through and wonder why didn’t we just use the technology given to me in the first place, the air conditioner.

Well the air in my car is broken. Something about the part that actually cools the air doesn’t work. So as opposed to getting a strong blast of cool air when I turn it on, I get a blast of air. So maybe the whole point of this is not that I want screens in my car to keep the bugs out, but I want an air conditioner that works. Maybe I want both. Maybe my car should know what I want.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I already said I will probably go waking boarding in here. This probably means I should be sleeping, but whatever the case may be.

One thing I did fail to mention earlier tonight was that I got my hair cut. This was a dramatic experience for all of the hairs on my head, but for me, it was basically 15 minutes of sitting in a chair thinking about and pondering about life. This, however, still lead to no great improvements in reality, and so I continue thinking about whatever it is I want to be thinking.

If there is one thing I have learned, its that 5 minutes is always worth it.

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