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The Next Phase

So rinsefirst crew. The next phase of my life is coming, and I really have no clue what it means for this blog.

There’s been some talk of it becoming a subset of ourvows (which will become our family website). And who knows, maybe it will just continue to operate as it does now… Hey not everything needs to change right?

It’s strange looking around my room. My bed, gone. My Desk, gone. My video game collection, gone. All that’s left is a few boxes, my computers, and a makeshift twin sized bed. I suppose I could take a photo, but I like the imagery instead.

But I do know this, I’m feeling beat. I’ve been running at breakneck pace with work related things, wedding related things, and family related things. None of it really bad, it just keeps coming.

I haven’t even had time to play Pirates, or learn how to program my iphone.

But yeah… So why am I blogging? Because I know I need to slow down.. and this is my way of doing it.

But ok, I’m done typing now. Laterz.