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A brief honeymoon post

I apologize for the quality of this post. I’m writing it on my iPhone.

Amber and I have been on our honeymoon for close to a week now. So far, it has been a blast.

Ok Monday, we hit the magic kingdom. Amber wasn’t in the best of moods, but by the end of the day Disney had worked it’s magic and convinced her she was having a good time.

Tuesday, we hit typhoon lagoon. All we really did was the lazy river. The funny part was that the moment we put our stuff in the locker, it started raining. We also hit downtown Disney a little, as well as orlando’s prime outlets and some big indoor mall. Amber will be coming home with a whole new wardobe from the Gap and Puma.

Wednesday, was Epcot. We got there a little late, but it worked for us. Someone leaving the park had a dream pass with 3 uses left on it. Combined with regular fast passed, we were able to do almost everything in the park.

We ate at the coral reef restuarant which is one of the many spots they filmed boy meets world. It was pretty cool and we have lots of pictures to share because Ashley sent amber her camera via mail (we had left it at home).

Amber loved illuminations, epcots fireworks show. It was pretty good.

We then caught the monorail to magic kingdom and hit 5 more rides. All of which amber loved. It’s amazing how easy it is to get ok rides when everyone is watching fireworks.

Thursday we took our first trip to universal studios. Amber and I had a good time but there is something about Disney that universal just hasn’t captured. We dined at the hard rock cafe where Amber picked up a pinned and a glass.

From there we went to blue man group. That was awesome. We had some of the best seats in the house. They put us right in the action. It was great. So far the biggest highlight for me.

Friday, we hit animal kingdom. Amber loved this place and probably wore out her digital camera. Amber didn’t want to hit the roller coaster here but we did almost everything else. Afterwards, we went and picked up our tickets for la numba as well as took a 30minute walk around Disney quest. We then stopped by another outlet mall where we again hit the gap and puma.

And so now, it’s Saturday. It was looking to be a sunny day when I started writing this, but now it’s raining. Amber is still sleeping. It’s been a great week. More most likely when I get home.

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