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Squirrels used to be the topic of conversation a lot in my life… In fact, going back in this blog, I’m sure there are a few posts about John and I having fun with them on the University of Minnesota campus.

Strangely, I never had these creatures out my window before. At both my previous residences, I would from time to time see rabbits, deer, birds, and various other wildlife, but never squirrels. So I was quite surprised to see one (ok surprised might not be the right word), outside my computer window. His entertaining tree climbing and nut hunting almost makes up for the lack of a view out my window.

But that’s what I realized it.

The squirrels are taking over our cities.

Now I’m not sure this is fact, but I can’t recall ever seeing a squirrel in a rural area. They are always walking the side walks of city streets or climbing the tree in a suburban back yard. I never see them in a corn field…

Most would probably say that it’s just the environment… fewer predators, same amount of food, etc. However, I tend to believe something much more sinister is going on. Namely, these squirrels aren’t paying their taxes.

See the squirrels are constantly walking on our sidewalks and streets, probably more than the average human does. And they are leaving their “organic” trash everywhere… In fact, I’m pretty sure most of them even go as far as removing trash from our trash containers and spreading it around, making it look like we’re the bad guy polluting our front lawns.

So what was the point of this post? Simply to warn you of the growing squirrel threat is growing every day, and perhaps make you smile a little bit at my insane 8:00Am writings.