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An Interesting Dream.

Last night I had what must have become a reoccurring dream. I’ll tell you what I think it means after telling you about it.

I am going to guess that about a month ago, I had this dream. Me and Richard went over to a party at Dena’s house. Dena is a friend of my families, and the house, was well.. our house in a city neighbor hood. Kind of a cross between now and then. Well, Beth was there with her new born baby *sorry Beth, but this is how the dream went, anyway, who had the baby I don’t think matters*. Well I guess we all went outside and that’s when trouble occurred.

Somebody on a motorcycle came and shot at Beth and the baby. The baby and Beth die and this leaves me and Richard upset to some degree. The resembled those Chinese dudes in Fast and Furious. Odds are that’s who they were.

We then discover some kind of bus that allows us to relive the day. Kind of like back to the future but only the day. So we went back in time to try to change the past. Well the same thing happened again, but this time I had called 911 first but they wouldn’t come out to the house on a hunch so nothing stopped it from happening. This must have been where I woke up in the previous dream, either that or it is where I resumed from in this one.

So the dream started with me returning to Woodbury Highschool. I am not sure why but that dream seemed to lead me right back to Dena’s. This time we got smart. We got in our cars to chase the guy the moment he arrived on his motorcycle. It seemed to have somewhat worked. Beth still died but this time the baby lived. Now, the interesting thing here is the baby changed. The baby was now a black child as opposed to a white child in the first dream. I will get into my analysis of this later, but it is one of the more intriguing things of this dream. This made us all feel good except Beth was dead, so we decided we would go back and do it again.

This time I got smart. I guess their was a beaver dam on the other side of this road that Dena’s house lived on. We took a bunch of the big sticks and put them in the road. When the motorcycle arrived it ran over the wood and caused the bike to go into one of those nice slow motion rolls you see in the movies. This is where it got interesting. The person pulled out a gun and shot Richard, me, Beth, and then ran into the house to get the baby and leave. I am still not sure if it was the baby they were trying to get or if it was some other object. Needless to say we were all dead, and yet I felt I had the decision to go back and try again. However, this time I woke up. Ending the dream with all of us dead.

Now for the fun part: I think my dream is telling me something. I think it is telling me you can’t change the general past, but you can modify the future. You know, you can’t fix your mistakes but you can make them seem better in the future. It seems an appropriate dream considering my mistakes of last night. The meaning also becomes more apparent if you look at the baby. The baby was always the baby, but it changed and when it changed the outcome changed. This implies that by changing the person or situation, different things will happen. Lastly, we have the imagery of the motorcycle and the rider and all that fun stuff. I think that was just from watching the Fast and the Furious a little toooooo much.

So yeah, that was my dream. I am not sure whether or not it was worth typing here, but at least it will give my regulars something to ponder as opposed to moon shoes or what am I going to have for lunch.

It was good to go to church today. Its been awhile since I have been there. It’s to bad Derek wasn’t in. I need to talk to him about what exactly he wants to do on Friday at my house and whether or not he wants certain people in attendance.

I also hope Nikki is OK. Kind of a rough night for everyone last night. I think we’ll all be fine.

Well, I should start working on that 5 page paper so that I can find time to do something with people today. Bye for now!