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Freedom, Equality, Unity

It’s hard not to get caught up in all the media hype surrounding the upcoming presidential elections. It seems (based on the approval rating of our president and congress), that most of America isn’t very happy with the way things are going now. Both parties are pushing their best idea of what they think the American public wants to see (change).

I think though, that America as a whole is being distracted by the issues.

Let’s just run down some of the biggest “issues” that people are debating in the upcoming election:

  • Iraq/Mideast
  • Oil/Energy (part of the above)
  • Healthcare
  • Taxes
  • Religion/ethics/morals (things like abortion, etc.)

And of course, just some of the distractions:

  • Palin being a woman
  • Obama being black
  • Palin’s daughter being pregnant

Now that’s all just basic marketing… Giving people what they want to sell an image or product… But there’s an issue that isn’t being asked loudly enough. There’s a question that I’m not sure either candidate has a *real* solution for.

How do they plan on bringing unity and balance back to government and the American people.

America has a reached a very interesting point in history. One that has us paving the way for future democracies once again. It’s simply this: what do you do when half the nation wants more freedom, and the other half wants more equality. How do you bring both groups together and find ways of achieving both?

There’s one way: Give them a common enemy… That’s what 9/11 did. That’s what the hurricanes will do. But those are short term fixes to our growing division.

It’s as if we are on a tightrope that as we continue to walk through time, get’s narrower and narrower… And we can lean a little bit to less and less to the left or right before we’re all just going to fall off.

So what is it that people really want? Not just American’s as a whole, but as a race… What is in our nature? It’s most likely some balance of the both… So assuming we’ve reached that equalibirum, who the is the candidate most likely to unite us in the goal of maintaining that balance, and can do it without making most American’s feel like no one is winning.

I have no idea.