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Apple Gives Me What I Want

It took a little longer than I think it should have, but the latest iphone firmware update finally gave me 1 of the 2 big things I’ve been missing.

My iphone now works with uconnect (my in car audio system).

It took awhile, but it does, and I’m happy.

It the one reason I’m happy about having an iphone… Updates come frequently for the things that aren’t working, and when they are released you know about them (unlike most phones that never get updates for their problems, or if they do, you rarely find out about them…)

My phone also just feels a little more stable (and my 3G signal was higher today, although I don’t know if that was just appearance or if it was actually working better).

Way to go apple… That might just be the push I needed to get my family a mac laptop… Maybe… (Why would I do such a thing!?!?!)

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