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Amber just wrote a post about her love of Harry Potter, so I figured I best write a post about Books as well.

This weekend has been a lot about going “back to” certain routines or things that I haven’t done for awhile. It has little to nothing to do with marriage… But probably more so just the timing of various things things.

To start with, Friday was “back to computer club” day. Not at all sure what we will be doing in computer club, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fun (because we only do fun). Saturday became “Back to not playing poker day” when it suddenly became “back to WoW day”. That’s right, I’m back in WoW for the first time in almost exactly a year. Richard and I have been running all over booty bay working our way to level 45.

You could say Friday and Saturday nights were “Back to Double Dating” with Richard and Elizabeth, but truthfully, that never really ends (and I hope it never really does, because honestly I think it’s a blast).

Sunday was back to the Metrodome day, where Amber and I got to watch the twins put their best foot forward in the last game of the season to try to win the division from the white sox. We’ll know more at about 4:00 this afternoon (GO DETROIT!).

Sunday also was back to Amber’s parent’s for dinner and cards (always enjoyable), as well as back to Barnes and Noble as I find myself back to the inhertince trilogy. Brisinger is on deck this time… Didn’t get to far into it with Amber now sharing a bed with me, but hoping I can find some time to read it every night… Of course, why read about dragons when you can slay them in WoW :-).

And today of course, is back to work day… so I guess I best get back to work.

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  • PK September 29, 2008, 8:21 am

    Okay, not to invite myself,…errr…okay I guess it's exactly that. Keep Nat and I in mind on these group date outings; I'm sure we'd all have a ton of fun!

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