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10,000 Miles

So on the way home from the Twins game on Sunday (the one we won against KC), my car hit the big 10,000. Not bad for being just over 1 year old.

It got me thinking with my wife sitting next to me, just how many changes my car (Alkali Caddy) had seen in my life in just 10,000 miles.

It has seen me move out of my house. (and hauled all the boxes)

It has seen me get married (and got semi-lost with me on the ride home).

It has seen (or taken me) on trips to chicago, orlando, etc. (and almost run out of gas twice doing it)

It has seen JR continue to grow. (as it has come many time to hitting the post protecting the ATM machine)

It has seen a full school year. (as it sits and waits in the parking lot after every computer club)

It has seen 10,000 miles worth of roads. (really, it has!)

It has seen me return to WoW. (ok, so it couldn’t see from the garage, but I’m sure it’s heard me talking about it)

It has seen friends get engaged (ok, it didn’t see this either… persay)

It has seen or been to 4 to 7 weddings (I lost count). (yes, yes it has)

It really is amazing how much has changed in such a short period of time…. I just felt like saying that… Who knows what could change in the next 10,000 miles.

It’s no wonder we get so attached to our cars… They travel through time with us.

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