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The New View

I am slowly but surely allowing myself to adjust to all the changes in my life.

One of the one’s that is crossing my mind at the moment is the view outside my window. Prior to moving back into woodbury, I had one of the most amazing views out my window. It was always open, contained tons of wild life, etc. It’s where I would look when I didn’t want to look at the computer screen anymore.

I was afraid I was going to lose the view moving into Woodbury… but I must admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I like my current view as well.

To start with, I get plenty of nature still.. In fact, 95% of my view is trees. Sure they are rather boring trees, but trees non the less. There is a bunny rabbit, squirrel, and cat that live in this region that I see quite frequently… Not quite as cool a dear, but the cat provides plenty of entertainment value when our cat attacks the window trying to get at it.

Through the tree’s I can see just a portion of the radio/pioneer intersection. Lots of various cars drive by, but I also get to see MSA students going to the YMCA (or returning from there), and the occassional cop car or fire truck. Sure it can be distracting, but that’s what I want my view to be… a look at what’s going on outside my digital window to the world.

So why did I just waste my time writing a post about the view? No idea… But I figure it’s only going to continue to change.

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