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Gravity of Love

I was thinking about “love groups” and “boy bands” today… ok so “love groups” is a term I just made up… but really… what ever happened to all those groups that sang sappy songs back in the 90’s about love? They weren’t even replaced… they are simply gone (for all practical purposes).

Take for example Savage Garden. Who makes music anymore like Savage Garden? Their the perfect 2-man group to get any guy out of trouble with his wife, girlfriend, whatever. Or how about boy bands… Even the boy bands that have made a recent return aren’t what they used to be (Take Backstreet Boys or Nsync). I mean, they have songs that are good…

It’s kind of funny, the more I write this post, the more I think that there was a transition.

It went from being a bunch of songs about love, to being a bunch of songs about sex. I suppose you could say the songs in the 90’s were about sex as well… and they were, but hmmm….

ok the more I think about it… the more I think music hasn’t changed at all…


But alas, I probably shouldn’t be writing stupid blog posts… In fact, someone should take this blog away from me… It’s gone so far past being relevant to anything at all, that I should just “cap it” and put it out of it’s misery. That said, I should go back to coding…

Cause baby’s got crazy skillz.

Of course, the funny part of it is, this whole time I’ve been listening to Enigma, cause well… That’s the gravity of love.

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