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This Months Gaming News

The upcoming months should be a good few months of gaming for me… That said, I probably will wait until Christmas to get most of them (maybe), but here’s the run down of things coming my way:

This Monday: Tetris Party will be release on WiiWare. Thankfully, I only spent 600 of the 2000 points I got for Christmas last year, so I will be using my remaining Wiiware points to pick up this Tetris game for the Wii. All I will say is: It’s about time.

Guitar Hero World Tour is set to release the 26th. This is the one I’m debating on whether or not I will get. Being married and all means I have to approve expenditures first. This one might have to wait until Christmas.

Now that me and Richard are back in World of Warcraft, I am a tad bit more interested in picking up Wrath of the Lich King. It will be arriving November 13th.

And then there’s the big one. November 25th, Chrono Trigger makes its way to the DS. It’s really to bad the DSi won’t be coming to the US before Christmas (mistake in my mind). I would love to play this game on a new DS.

I dont think I missed any of the big ones… If I did, I’m probably glad because anymore time spent on video games, and I might find myself single again :-).

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