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The Little Things

Today I’ve been finding pleasure in a lot of little things. Things that I’m not sure why, but seem to stand out a little bit more today… Perhaps it has something to do with being married. Perhaps it’s just one of those days. But non the less, I thought I would document it.

This morning, I completed a project that I had started last night. It wasn’t a huge project. There was a light switch in our house that was supposed to be a 3 way light switch (you know, the kind where you can use either light switch to control the bulb.) Well, someone had wired it wrong at some point because if one switch was off, the other switch wouldn’t work at all.

Last night, I took the covers off the switchs, and one of the fixtures off the ceiling, and looked to see if I could find the problem. What I found wasn’t so simple to solve as I was hoping. Primarily because it became very apparent very quickly that someone had chosen not to treat wires by their colors (for example, there was at least 1 white wire that was clear hot (not that I touched it to find out, but the way it was wired, it could only have been “hot” at some point). In any case, this morning, I unwired basically the whole system, and rewired it, using proper electrical color codes… And restored the functionality that should have been there already. Needless to say, the wiring at least in this room is now up to code (I believe), and the switches have never worked better…

There’s one more switch I still need to fix, which will be a little bit trickier because it’s 3, 3-way switches that were wired incorrectly, but I’ll figure it out someday (perhaps tomorrrow).

It was this little adult thing though that probably started taking me back to finding my childhood in adulthood. Solving wiring diagrams was a type of thing that I did for fun when I was a kid. I remember thinking when we did it in tech class that it was the most boring lab ever because you really couldn’t get it wrong as long as you didn’t treat things as positive and negative :-).

And then, later today, there was getting the mail. I stepped outside onto our walkway to find myself leaving footprints in the snow. I guess you could say it’s the first time I’ve walked in the snow married, or in my new house.. I’m not really sure why I thought of it, but it cross my mind. It seems a lot of things I used to do all the time seem to trip up as “firsts” as I do them for the first time in marriage… It’s alot like that verse in Corinthians 13:11, “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”… It’s not so much that I put away the childish things, it just seems to be starting over again.

Maybe it’s all stemming from a new ownership in things… I really dont know…

And in more interesting stuff, I’ve started going through my reems of CD’s from past and present to try to get them organized or tossed. I love running into disks with data from the past. For example, there’s the CD that contains all the VB projects that I did in highschool (including Alex’s treemapper’s source code!). Heck, I even found what must be one of the first cd’s I ever burned (back with my old 4x burner), that had weird all… I’m pretty sure I could date that CD to 1998 if I tried hard enough.

Well in any case… That’s that.

On another note, all the raw wedding photos our photographer took are now online. The color corrected ones (which look a lot nicer), are coming soon. http://jjdb210.smugmug.com/ for all my galleries as always.

More coming down the road… I’m getting so old.