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One entry for Long Day

Today was my first day of class without Spanish! It felt soooo amazingly good to sleep int till 9 because I could. I had to wake up then and edit a paper I didn’t completely finish the night before so that it would be done in time for my English Lit class. I even got a brief chance to talk to some people this morning before class.

I don’t feel like mentioning class all that much today, but to make the long story short: we watched a movie about the author of the book containing gay guys we are reading for tommorow. Fun right? Well at least the reading is relaxing.

After class it was over to St. Thomas for a battle with the linux machines. It appeared I was winning. It looked like I should win. And then POW! I swear, had these people just installed the right version of linux in the first place, they wouldn’t be having these problems. Whatever the case may be, It should run on that machine, we just need to get a few files on it or something.

I then spent an hour contemplating a few things in my car. I thought about the weather, why I take summer classes, why I am here, what God has planned for me, and how do I know what that plan is. In reality it hits me that I really know nothing. So I thought that I knew absolutely nothing for about 3 minutes until it hit me that I did know something. I knew many things. I knew all I would ever need to really know. This switch from knowing nothing knowing everything was then determined to be unhealthy and I believed this to be true, because at the time I knew everything. I then decided it would be best if I remained in some zone between everything and nothing and realized that the truth is still out there that “all you need is love.”

Upon arriving home, I realized I was a little on the hungry side. I guess I have been starving myself the last 36 hours because the last time I remembered eating was an early lunch on Sunday. Pasta was what I made, and it tasted good.

Then came the major event of the night, my cousin arrived for a 3 week stay and my sister made it apparent I needed to make some preperations. These preperations included installing the Sims and their expansion-paks back onto the PC. I would have done this faster for her, but I decided that if I was going to install a program, I should install it on a clean hard drive. So I cleaned up all the files I didn’t need anymore from my hard drive and then got really ambitious. I decided I needed a new copy of IE 6 on my computer because the old one had problems with javascript. So I started the long process of installing that while I continued deleting over 3 gigs of data that I felt I no longer needed.

Just to make this post interesting to the people who like computers, here are the statistics from my computer for your pleasure:

System Specs


Intel Pentium II Processor 266 MHz

64.0MB RAM

6Gig Quantum Fireball ST6 ATA33 Hard Drive

30Gig WDC WD30 0BB-00AUA1 ATA100 Hard Drive

Mitsumi CD-ROM FX240S !B


3dfx Voodoo3 2000 16 MB

TelePath 56k ISA Modem

Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64v Legacy


Software Specs


Windows 98SEA (4.10.2222 A)

Microsoft Office 97 Pro

IE 6

Netscape 6.0

Netscape 4.7

Visual Studio 6.0


File Specs


5,526 MP3’s over 21.2 Gigs in 51 folders

3,496 Files dedicated to my web sites totaling 118 MB

567 Files dedicated to JR Corps programs totaling 67.9

433 Zip Files totalling 319MB

320 School files totalling 19.7MB

106 Exe SETUP Files totalling 644MB


I will also include this image for your viewing pleasure.

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