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On Business Mistakes and Customer Relations – Cherrypal should learn.

I like to think that JR does a good job not making business mistakes.

But the truth of the matter is, every business makes mistakes at some point. Some are larger than others. For example, Target’s register may ring up a different price than what was on the shelf… Or a car repair company may estimate a certain price and then have additional unforeseen costs that cause the estimate to explode. But there’s a certain way you go about handling mistakes to make sure they don’t get worse.

For example: Let’s say a customer places an order on your website for a product… As a business, you then turn around and tell the customer that you guarantee it will ship on a certain day.

Now let’s say you didn’t ship the order to the customer on that day. In fact, the customer didn’t get the product within 2 weeks of the shipment date, and has now figured out that the order was not shipped as stated… As a company, what should you do?

Well, most companies do exactly what you should do… You first and foremost apologize to the customer, thus hopefully saving their business in the future. You then correct the problem as fast as possible, either by telling the customer when you WILL ship it, or by shipping it that second, or by giving the customer an immediate refund if you plan on never shipping it.

What you don’t do, is tell the customer that “shipments started on the day we said they would” and not tell the customer when they will be getting their product.

That’s exactly what has happened in the case of a company that I thought had a lot of potential, but is now circling the toilet. CherryPal Guaranteed shipment of their new Green PC on November 4th. I haven’t gotten mine, and have set in 2 emails now asking when I would get it. Both times, getting replies that shipments started on the 4th.  Even on their feedback site, other people are reporting not getting theirs yet, and of course, the reply is the same.

In any case, a response from the company as to exactly when customers should expect to receive their shipments would be a great thing. Updating their website in general would be a great thing.

The worst part is they claim they are learning from their mistakes. They should have learned in June that this is not a good thing to have happened (this isn’t the first time they’ve had problems delivering). In any case, the game is over in my mind… I’m probably not even going to be able to get my money back.

To all the brand angels who are still promoting this product, shame on you as well… It’s time to cut your support for the management of this company, and find another lower-power, affordable PC to back.

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  • PK November 20, 2008, 10:26 am

    I added three votes to your comment!

  • PK November 20, 2008, 10:29 am

    Vote it up on the feedback forum!

  • Taggy and Piggy November 22, 2008, 5:21 am

    everyone is highly irritated with this CherryPal delay but you need to stop rampaging people's blogs with angry comments. we brand angels are not promoting it…yea, we wrote about being excited about it months ago but now we are just commenting honestly about what's going on (i.e. all the crazy waiting)and are getting kinda ticked off as well so you need to calm down and keep your comments to this site and the cherrypal customer feedback forum. shame on your, "Taggy and Piggy."

  • Justin Gehring November 22, 2008, 6:25 am

    1) I think at most I've posted 1 comment on a blog (and if I did, it was a week before this post, and it simply asked, "have you gotteon yours yet" or something to that nature… I have gone on no rampage…

    2) The only 2 spots I have been making myself heard is this blog, and their feedback forum.

    3) If you could tell me what blog I posted on where I sent "taggy and piggy", I would love to go apologize to the brand angel that has actually posted an update that they received from Max, or who's actually received one… But when sites like this make no mention to the latest delay and lack of response, then I have a right to be mad at them to… Take a look at just a few if you think they are being responsible in telling customers that the product is vaporware at this point (11/22):

    http://cherrypal.blogspot.com/ http://www.cherrypaltree.co.uk/

    In fact, that second one made a post after the lastest "fake shipment".

    So "Taggy and Piggy", I dont know why your defending them, or what you think I did wrong… But I'm simply exercising my U.S. right to free speach (as are you), and voicing my 2 cents in an effort to get Cherrypal to honor their commitments… At this point I still haven't gotten what I paid for.

  • John November 23, 2008, 5:09 pm

    God Bless America! My home sweet home!

  • Dave Fox December 3, 2008, 6:18 am

    I'm one of the many (it seems) who foolishly pre-ordered a CherryPal and paid out hard earned money for the privilege.

    Despite many requests for a refund, including direct to Max Seybold the CEO (who advised they were having PayPal "issues" and would send a check) I've received nothing and now they just ignore my emails.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only thing "green" about CherryPal is the colour of my money that they refuse to return and I'm not alone in this it seems.