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Cherrypal’s Chance at Redemption

So to follow up on my business practices email from a little while ago about Cherrypal, I thought I would mention they have given themselves a chance at recouping their bad name with me.

I sent an email in yesterday asking again what the status was of my order, and looking for very exact information, as opposed to the “general gloss over, get the customer to go away” sort of reply. And this is what I got in return (to my satisfaction):

We had issues with our payment gateway as well as late delivery of our contract manufacturer. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Your CherryPal will leave our warehouse Tuesday December 2nd, 2008. We will send you tracking information the same day.

Please accept our apologies, we will make it up to you.

I’m not sure how they will make it up to me… BUT, in the mean time, I am very happy that they gave me a date. Without that, my hopes would have been lost. Now, if the fail to deliver the tracking number to me on that date, they will lose my business indefinitely… But if they success and get it to me by the the 7th… I think I could live with that.

Here’s hoping!

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  • Cherry Acquaintance December 8, 2008, 11:51 am

    Did you get yours yet? I (as I'm sure you did) received that e-mail about the t-shirt size/address confirmation and still haven't received a tracking number (or even a response) since then.

    Are you going to cancel (or have you already)?

  • Justin Gehring December 8, 2008, 12:54 pm

    I haven't gotten it yet… and I should give up… However, they haven't replied to my latest email (which I sent on the 2nd), asking for another update.

    We'll see what happens…