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Christmas Lists

I’ve been trying hard to figure out what it is I want this year for christmas… And for what it’s worth, I’m having a fairly hard time coming up with ideas… Maybe I’ve gotten old. Maybe I just buy everything I want. Maybe the joy of giving has finally exceed the joy of getting.

I mean, there are a few things I’ve been meaning to get (for example, WoW Lich King)… But the only reason I haven’t gotten them is because either a) I feel it’s better I hold onto that money, or b) I don’t need it yet (in the case of Lich King, I’m waiting until I get at least 1 character to 70).

In any case, I’m looking for suggestions. Oddly enough, I think I’m looking for things most people don’t find at bestbuy… IE: I don’t think I’m looking for computer technology (unless there is something you think I must have). I’m not really looking for video games (who has time). I’m not really looking for books (unless the things I would learn from them would save me time), and I’m not really looking for entertainment (I have WoW). That said, the things I do want are really expensive (IE: my home loan to be paid off haha). Or, not solved with money (time to sleep, time to create, time to play wow).

So to be honest, no matter what gifts I get from what people, for me this Christmas, I think it truly is going to be about enjoying my time away from the routine, and enjoying the time with friends and family.

So what is it that everyone should have on their christmas list this year?