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Get Tetris Free on WiiWare?

If you have any skill at Tetris at all, I can’t promise, but I would bet, that you could get Tetris for WiiWare free… Ok, so not entirely, but here’s the deal if you don’t already know about it.

Tetris Party (probably my 2nd favorite tetris game of all time) costs 1200 wii points and is available for download now. A 4 round tournament is taking placing the next 2 months, of which, the top 500 at the end of the tournament receive a 1200 point wii points prize. Now, here’s where the interesting factor comes in.

At present (after 1 day of the first round of the tournament), there are only 779 entrants. Of which, the top 500 starts at 151255. That score is achievable if your simply capable of making it to the end of 150 lines (which is the length of round one). Now I’m sure that score is only going to creep higher over the next 2 weeks… But in any case, I’m sure if you practiced a little and have any talent for it at all, you could easily break 200,000, which (at this point), I would guess would be enough to get you into the top 500 for round one.

And I’ll let you in on a “little” secret (given to me by my friends over at http://www.tetrisconcept.com/). Want to have a better chance of winning? IE: getting more points in round 1? Then go read this: