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The “Black” Browser

I’m going to talk race today on Rinsefirst, and probably get called a racist in the process.

Racism is a very bad thing. No matter what direction it goes. And no matter how hard we try, it’s something we can’t seem to move past. We always seem to have to run demographics against the color of people’s skin. I like to believe that we are all created equal, and so therefore, the question of “what race are you”, my replay should be “human” with no other option available (except maybe martian). That said, we continue to profile, which also tends to continue to draw out the fact that racism exist. It’s a divide that all groups seem to reinforce as well. If the African American community didn’t want to be treated special, then it should stop calling itself the African American community, and maybe just say they are American. After all, the majority (whites), don’t go around calling themselves whites do we (no, because that would be racist…).

So now where I was really trying to get with this post: this self deprecating behavior of minorities to call themselves minorities has gotten to a new low. There is now a web browser, created simply for the african community (you have to be kidding right?). Don’t believe me? It’s called Blackbird, and can be found here.

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