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O Fortuna, Velut Luna

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me… I love Latin.

I have no real reason to… And I don’t love it enough to actually learn anymore than some phrases that I think sound cool in it. But I can honestly say, there are no “phrases” in english that I simply think “sound cool”. But really, I have no idea why I love it… Maybe it’s stems from a latin pun I heard on Frasier onces:

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

Which translates to “always where under where” (yes, i meant where). Hence the pun.

Or maybe it a was a “joke” my english teacher used to say with her classmates while taking Latin in school.

“Latin is a dead language. It killed the Romans, now it’s killing me.”

But truth betold… I just simply like it. Just like some people think French sounds romantic, or spanish sounds mexican (hmmm).

So todays latin phrase:

 O Fortuna, Velut Luna (O Fortune, Like the Moon)

Google it if you want to know more (it even has it’s own wiki page)