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A College Graduate

In just under a few hours, Amber will complete her final lecture. Her homework is done. Her laptop is being returned, and pending any last second grade debacles (non forseen), she will be a college graduate with a degree in history. And to top all that excitement off, her new Macbook Pro awaits her (it’s her Christmas/work/college graduation present). I couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishment (although I apologize if my level of excitement doesn’t seem to come up to the level of some other peoples… I’m just not built that way).

She did this despite having a husband who plays World of Warcraft.. Which according to recent studies, is one of the leading causes of college dropouts. I thought that was funny… but the game is seriously an evil thing… and you realize it when you have played it for a week (I’ve been on a break because Amber has been using my computer for finals).

With Christmas just around the bend, I look forward to celebrating it with her, knowing that we don’t have to worry about her going back to school in January. Now if only we could find her a j-o-b :-).