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Something crossed my mind today… I was thinking about how Microsoft may have had a vision close, but not perfect a few years ago.

For the longest time, Microsoft has had it’s smart home. What I remember of it was that it had touchscreens built into the walls everywhere. Everything was either voice activated, or controlled by those panels. In fact, the more I think about it, it was straight out of Star Trek.

But I think Star Trek may even have had some of this wrong.

I think the world is heading towards everyone being able to control whats around them from a portable device. Think the Iphone, or another mobile touch device. Sure, voice commands, and touch screens on walls will still be a big part of it. (And heck, if you think about it, Star Trek did have it’s touch tablets), but I never recall anyone controlling the room with a touch pad, or using something other than a table top device to watch video… But who knows… Now that I think about it… I think we are heading for exactly that: Star Trek…

Mr. Roddenberry, you were ahead of your time.

That said, I have a feeling you will start seeing a ton more iphone apps coming soon to allow you to control things around your house (much like remote right now allows you to control itunes).

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