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What does one want?

As people grow older, what they want from life tends to change.  When your a kid, you want video games, toys, friends to come over and play, and pizza. When you become an an adult, you want want things like homes, money, kids (maybe), time to watch tv, and pizza out of nescessity.

At some point today, I got to thinking about “what I really want”. It’s kind of a funny question really, but it hit me that my primary goal in life has stayed the same for quite some time. Sure, it’s changed a little, but really, it’s more or less been this:

Know everything.

It’s a horrible goal, but has become rather achievable thanks to google. Notice, I didn’t say “Know everything right now”. I simply want to be able to know anything and everything in a relatively short period of time. My second goal is similar:

Create something worth knowing.

Strange, I know, but if you think about it, it describes me perfectly. I strive day in, day out, to learn new things about computers, people, history, and just about anything that crosses my screen (heck, I even spent a day researching gravity a week or two ago). But I’m also here striving to create webpages that millions of people have access to. Webpages that are “worth knowing”. I’ve been doing this since the days of the SMRC when I simply was putting information out on the web about video games.

It’s strange though… My quest to know everything has faded with age. Don’t get me wrong… I’m still daily doing things to feed my brain… But I don’t have the drive. What happened to nights of staying up til 2:00 working on some crazy javascript? What happened to trying to hack my own equipment? What happened to learning things that I may never use, but might be rather useful? What happened to the people I used to learn with?

I have no real answers… and no real drive to find the right ones… All I know, is I still have a lot to learn.