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Bookmarks The Series Part 2: Free Online Games

There was a day awhile back where I was pretty sure if I never wanted to pay to play a game (legally) again, I could do so… I’m still sure this is true. In fact, I have a bookmark that has enough games to keep me busy for years… Here’s the link to the forum post.


The question is, how did I find this page?

There are quite a few games on the list that I have played over the years (step mania, fret mania, just to name a few), and there are a lot on there that I know of, or wish to try some day… But really, who has time for gaming when you have a World of Warcraft account and a self owned company to run?

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  • PK January 29, 2009, 9:49 am

    Awesome, thanks for this link