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What should I do?

I know what I must do tonight. I might go to the drive in. Why must I go? I must go because I need to talk to Derek before the party at my place tommorow. Got to make sure we have all the entertainment he wants us to have and make sure that we know we have enough of everything.

The decision comes down to what to do before the Movies. I am currently and Sim’s house just typing here while he works on this top secret project involving large buckets of ink and people’s small heads. I already made the decision to eat here after being coaxed by the smell of grilled steak and a place setting already being set for me. I just need to decide wether or not I get a friend before I go to the drive in or if I just go to the drive in.

Sim is with me on this, I shouldn’t go. But I am not with myself, so I will. No I won’t… Instead I will listen to Prozzak and start typing the lyrics again. I hope your enjoy this useless site as much as I am.

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