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Thedoughboy Moves to Nesingwary

Many people know I lead 2 lives. 1 in the real world, 1 in the digital made up world. Now is the time to tell the short boring story of a guy by the name of “Thedoughboy”.

It all started back in 98. JJDoughboy was born on the Great Lakes server of Ultima Online. He quickly made friends with another character by the name of Simland and tranversed the world for close to 5 years. JJDoughboy become a6x  Grand Master of the game, including things like Maces, Parry, Tactics, Fishing, Lumberjacking, and Healing.  I had 3 homes with Simland in the history of the game, 1 of which would be destroyed and cause Simland to leave the virtual world. We had been part of a Guild known as the Knights of Sosaria… I even ran the website. Making friends with people like Heather, Cool, and Steve. And who could forget the Halloween party where G-man ran the bar… What a blast. At some point though, JJDoughboy entered the digital void between worlds.

From there, he re-emerged in a strange World of Warcraft, on a server called Anvilmar. He changed his name to “Thedoughboy” to help recognize this change. Simland also was born again, with the new name Mikale. There they had to start anew. Working their way to “Level 80”, they had many a struggle. Thedoughboy only played a few months here and there, but slowly he chipped away at becoming yet another grand master in the land. Recently he has been feeling a bit crowded though. Bumping into people on the streets of Stormwind, and people always “out-looting him” for the loot he really wanted.  So Thedoughboy and Mikale decided to move again.

To a new land named after Thedoughboy’s favorite NPC, Hemet Nesignwary. It is there that Thedoughboy and Mikale hope to conquer many new challenges, including 25 man raids. Should you wish to join Mikale and Thedoughboy on this awesome quest for glory (or if you just want to check it out), either move your PvE chars over to the new Nesingwary server, or if you don’t have a character, drop me comment and I’ll get you a 10 day pass to play for free.

Fair Winds.

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  • PK February 17, 2009, 8:45 am

    Once I buy my new place, I might just have to join you guys and see what's up in the digital realm of our lives.

  • Richard February 17, 2009, 6:18 pm

    Now if only I could get through the long line. They are blocking my transfer and hell if I'm going to pay while free transfer is open.

  • Richard February 17, 2009, 8:50 pm

    En route am I. Make way for Mikale, healer extraordinaire!

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