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Talk about fun

I love my friends. If you can’t tell the drive in was great. I love hanging out with that group, I love being with that group. It’s fun, thrilling, and I don’t mind doing the cha cha slide when im with them… Wait, did I ever mind doing the cha cha slide?

We ended up catching the second half of Austin Power: Gold Member. We might have seen all of it, but I wanted to make everyone had a good night and that no one would get left out. So me, Sim, and Nikki all left from Damon’s and headed out where we met up with everyone from church.

This is the part where I am going to leave a bunch of stuff out because it is just to much fun. Well then, why would I leave it out? Who knows. Maybe I just don’t feel the need to comment on the car in front of us that kept flashing lights and fogging windows.

I will also mark this diary entry as flagged. I am not sure what that means but for now, it will have a flag so that I remember to come back and look at it.

After the movies, we left *well duh*. Nikki and I shot a little bit of pool while talking. It’s good to talk, and pool makes it more fun. Now the question is, will I get that game of Sim City in tonight :-).

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