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Giving IE8 some credit

So I just finished installing the non-beta version of IE8, and I must admit, I am rather impressed.

Is it perfect? No. But what browser is?

First and foremost, the browser feels faster than it’s previous browsers, and at this point in time, feels faster than my copy of firefox. That might have something to do with the number of extensions I have installed in firefox, and my ability to abuse tabs… but non the less, it does feel faster… Not sure if it’s faster than Chrome though.

The source viewer is a huge step up.. Now featuring line numbers and syntax highlighting (about time). They also added in a script debugger (also, about friggen time).

Compatibility mode seems to work rather nice for sites that seem to break, and for those who were already XHTML compliant, things seem to be in good shape (no problems for me yet).

All and all I will give MS their due… I’m not quite sure I’m ready to make it my browser of choice, but is definently an improvement over IE7 and features some much needed updates.

Oh, one last note: I was very happy that they DIDN’T override my default homepage and set it back to MSN… They left it Google, which is how I like it. Very classy move if you ask me.

Well, on to more play time… You can download IE8 by going here:


So my question is: what are your thoughts :-)?

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  • John March 26, 2009, 7:42 am

    Previous IE versions had a difficult time handling different types of borders (ie dotted lines) and therefore used their "default" which more often than not was dashed. IE8 resolves this issue although a minor one.

    I like the source viewer, I even commented on a couple of those things to you. But, I sometimes will copy and paste out of the source viewer and unfortunately all the source viewer formatting comes with it.

    I like the address bar, how it emphasizes the domain name and makes the rest of the url less important. Good for people that don't have the most memorable domain name 😉