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Here I am, in my room, everyone having fun on my walls. Here is what people have to say about this blazin time we are having here.

Rob Says: I’m not playing DDR.

PK Says: Rob is awsome at DDR.

Richard Says: I dont care

Sarah Says: Hey ya!

Anders Says: Oh YeaH!

Amber Says: AWESOME!

Gabe Says: Hi there, Howdy!

Beth Says: Amber joined Nikki and I, its now 4 payments of 39.99

Matt Says: If you think about it, most TV newscasters are probably muppets because you can’t see their feet.

Robert Says: I’m think’n!!!!

Beth Says to Robert: Shut up ROBERT, no one likes you!

Dustin Says: I’m only a little bit retarded.

Ok, thats it, I am done updating for now. This is a great time!!!

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